Great concert in Belgrade
Saturday, 07. April, 20.00

Sava Centar
Ticket price: 1200, 1500 and 1800 din.


The group “Legends” was founded in Belgrade in 1988, when, and released his first album. The first concert season began on 19 groups January 1995, concert in Belgrade’s Sava Center and has held 47 concerts in the same hall. The tradition continues, and every new concert season begins in the Sava Center, then a group of “Legends” continues with a tour of cities in Serbia and abroad. To date, a group of “Legends” was held over one thousand and three hundred concerts in Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Poland, Cyprus, Sweden, Slovenia, Switzerland, Austria, Canada, Germany, Australia, USA and Russia . Jubilee – the thousandth concert was marked by a celebration 05.februara 2005 the twentieth anniversary of the group “Legends” was marked by February 2008, in the Great Hall of Sava Center.

The group “Legends” 2012 celebrates a jubilee, marking 25 years of successful work and the important anniversary will be celebrated by a magnificent throw to his audience at the Sava Center concerts scheduled for the 4 and 14 in February 2012. Jubilee marks the work under the slogan “… to meet the fiftieth concert at the Sava Centre …”.

From official website of Legende – grupalegende.com

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Time of the Gypsies – Emir Kusturica’s punk opera

24. March, Saturday 20 p.m. – Sava Centar, Belgrade

Based on original script for the film of the same name and  performed in the Gypsy language, the opera opened at Opéra Bastille in Paris on 26 June 2007.

Nenad Jankovic ( Dr Nele): “In the fall of 2002, Marc di Domenico, came to Belgrade to see me and offer to co write an opera on a theme from the movie ”Time of the Gypsies”. To be honest, we thought it was a crazy project. We have never done it up to then, Opera Libretto, but Marc came to that idea, seeing the film and our concerts…“ From website Emir Kusturica`s ”Punk opera” Time of the Gypsies

The New York Times article: ”Opera With Attitude, Guitars, and a Dose of Mayhem”

Ticket office: Sava Center – 011/220 60 60
Bilet centar, Trg Republike 5, Tel: 262 83 42

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There is no crisis in Serbia – sale of luxurious goods rising

While majority of people in Serbia is affected by the current economic crisis, shops selling luxurious goods are making profit. Cars, jewelry, fashionable clothes and extremely expensive traveling tours are being sold very well. In 2011 the number of sold ‘Mercedes’ cars was 516 units (the most expensive one S500 costs EUR 150,000). The ‘Samsung; 3D television sets were also sold out quickly, while a man from Belgrade paid EUR 68,000 to book for his family a small Greek island for nine days.
The buyers are from different walks of life – doctors, lawyers, Internet experts and people from diplomatic service. However, businessmen are usually buyers of the most expensive goods. Then follow athletes and politicians. The last ones are always so generous when their wives or girlfriends are concerned.
The ‘Frey Wille’ shop is very satisfied with the sale of jewelry, including the most expensive pieces.
Sociologists think that the situation in the market reflects the real image of Serbian society for years back. The society has been polarizing on the very rich and the very poor with almost no middle class.
Sociologists claim that fight for prestige is not characteristic for Serbia only but that it is an integral part of the consumer culture present worldwide. The modern consumer society has classified money as the chief value.

Source: Blic,05. 03. 2012.


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