Belgrade rentals – Belgrade beer fest

Belgrade rentals are ideal solution if you need accommodation in Belgrade.

Belgrade Beer Fest 2013
August 14 – 18, Ušće

Belgrade rentals - Beer fest


Belgrade Beer Fest™ is on average, the biggest beer festival in Southeastern Europe. Within 5 days, over 500.000 people visit the festival. The large number of visitors is mostly due to basic festival principles: free entrance, an exceptional music program, and a wide range of foreign and domestic beer brands.

Belgrade Beer Fest™ was founded in year 2003. In ten years of its existence over 5.5 million visitors could have seen more than 450 free music performances, tasted more than 90 beer brands and participated in numerous social campaigns.

The festival has received numerous awards. One of them is the recommendation of the British newspaper “The Independent”, which ranked Belgrade Beer Fest™ in year 2005, among 20 world events that must be visited. Professor Dennis Wilcox, in his book, “PR Strategies and Tactics” which is being used in over 350 universities around the globe, stated Belgrade Beer Fest™ as a positive example of marketing and PR campaign. With regard to large social campaign “I choose to recycle”, whose aims were the strengthening of the environmental awareness of citizens and the purchasing of recycling containers for Belgrade schools, marketing magazine “Taboo” awarded the Festival as the marketing event of the year 2009.

Owing to all the mentioned, Belgrade Beer Fest™ established itself as one of the most important segments of the tourist offer of Serbia, as well as a brand that promotes our country and strengthens its image…

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Belgrade apartments for rent – Regatta

Belgrade apartments for rent are ideal solution if you need accommodation in Belgrade.

11th of August

Regatta is a manifestation of Belgrade on the Sava river, promoting the return of Belgrade to the river, rafting as well as tourist attraction and sport and to highlight the natural beauties of Belgrade that are unfairly disadvantaged, to improve the tourist offer of Belgrade. One event can safely meet all those goals and show that we, the fans stay on the river, we can certainly show you the Belgrade from another and more intersecting angle.

Do come on 11th of August, on the Sava and be a part of the unified and traditional events. Let us show you that we do not live only on the asphalt and that Belgrade breathes on the river.

Belgrade apartments for rent - Regatta


Saturday 10th August

10:00h   Rafting fair in Belgrade centre. Foreign exhibitors presentation
19:00h   Closing of Rafting fair
22:00h   Party on regatta finish line, near club EASY on Ada Ciganlija

Sunday 11th August

09:00h   Meeting at the start of regatta. Registration and preparing vessels for regatta
11:00h   Start of Belgrade regatta
14:00h   Arrival on the finish line of the regatta
14:30h   Start of sports program of Belgrade regatta. Start of rafting head-to-head race
15:00h   Winner proclamation of rafting race. Start of volleyball tournament
19:00h   Volleyball tournament winner proclamation and overall tournament
20:00h   End of regatta


he fifth Belgrade regatta will be held on 11th of  August of this year on the same route – from Makis to the lido at Ada Ciganlija, a total length of 6.5 km.



f you want to get to the regatta start in your vehicle, we can provide parking at the start. Our vans will return all drivers from the finish back to the start of the regatta at 17.00.
For those who do not come by their own car, we recommend the bus line 92 which starts at 6:00, 6:40, 7:20,8:00, 8: 40, and 9:20 am from the main railway station.

Belgrade apartments for rent - Regatta 2013


In order to register for Belgrade regatta, you need to send a registration email to @ with your name and last name one of participants, number of persons that you wish to register and “without vessel” remark if you want to be in one of organizer’s boats/ship.

If you have your own vessel, it is necessary to provide a registered number of such vessel.
Registration can also be made on start point of regatta on 11th August 08.00h-10.30h.


Participation on the fifth Belgrade Regatta could take everyone, regardless of whether their own a vessel or not.

If you own your boat, you only need to register with the organizers on the day of the event in the period from 08-11h AM. If you own a motor boat, it must be registered and it must be operated by a person who has a licence for it. Registration for the participants of the regatta with their own vessel is 200 RSD.

If you do not own a vessel, and would like to participate in the regatta, you can book a place in one of the organizers’ boat at a cost of 500RSD per person.

All vessels participating in the regatta must be registered with the regatta organizers.

The price of registration includes the participation in the regatta, a meal and possible participation in the rafting race head-to-head and in the beach volleyball tournament on the sand.

If you wish to announce your attendance on the event please send an email on or call +381 63 334 111
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