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Apartments Belgrade are ideal solution whether you stay in Belgrade for 1 day, 1 weekend, 1 week or more

2013/04/28 Kombank Arena

Ticket price 3500, 3600, 4000, 4900, 5500 and 5900 rsd

Apartments in Belgrade - Rammstein concert

“Wir halten das Tempo” will also be Rammstein’s motto for 2013, with the band headlining a number of big European festivals.

Over the past two years alone over 1.3 million people from Mexico, the USA, South Africa, Australia, Canada and Europe have been blown away by the band’s spectacular live show. The Rammstein machine keeps rolling on and on, and 2013 will be no different: it promises to be one hot summer!

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Studio apartments in Belgrade

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One and two room apartments apartments in Belgrade

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Monument to liberators of Belgrade 1806


This is the oldest public monument in modern Serbia, located in Karađorđev park. It was erected by prince Aleksandar Karađorđevic in 1848 and renewed by king Aleksandar Obrenović in 1889 . It is dedicated to the liberators of Belgrade 1806, in the First Serbian Uprising (1804-1813). Leader of the Upraising was prince Aleksander’s father, famous Karadjordje ( ”Black Georgie”) Petrovic, the founder of the Karađorđevic royal family. The one of his camps was situated on this place, and after  liberation of Belgrade killed soldiers were buried here.

The monument is 547 centimeters high, made of stone with the cover of artificial rock

This song is dedicated to the liberation of Belgrade during the I Serbian uprising in 1806.  Clock strikes 7

Karađorđe Petrović

Karađorđe Petrović

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The Roman well

The Roman well in the upper part of the town – its ground plan and cross-section.It is sited adjacent to the upper town’s west gate. It is supposed that construction began in 1723, but it was not completed until 1731. It is a very important constitutive element of the fortress and has been preserved in its entirety.

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