Belgrade apartments – Forest park Kosutnjak


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Belgrade apartments - Košutnjak






Košutnjak spread out over a hill that is 250m high,
this 330 hectare forest park used to be the royal hunting
grounds until 1903, when it was opened to the public.
The forest, a mixture of deciduous and coniferous trees,
is crisscrossed with numerous trim trails and nature
walks and there are picnic tables in the clearings for the
overwhelming majority who prefer to just sit and enjoy
a barbeque. The Košutnjak Sports Centre features an
indoor and five outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts, a
football pitch and volleyball and basketball facilities. There
are a number of restaurants beneath shady trees and a
spring at the foot of the hill, whose water is safe to drink.

Belgrade apartments -Kosutnjak

belgrade apartments - kosutnjak

The Hajdučka česma drinking fountain


Belgrade apartments - Kosutnjak pools

Košutnjak – swimming pools



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The Roman well

The Roman well in the upper part of the town – its ground plan and cross-section.It is sited adjacent to the upper town’s west gate. It is supposed that construction began in 1723, but it was not completed until 1731. It is a very important constitutive element of the fortress and has been preserved in its entirety.

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