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Belgrade accommodation prices depend on location, length of stay, level of services required and number of guests in Belgrade apartment to rent.

- Prices are per apartment per night.

- Our Belgrade apartments price is based on number of guests in the apartment, too.
  After 2 guests, extra people are charged 10 EUR/night per person.  
  E.g. If a serviced apartment in Belgrade costs 30 eur/day , total costs will be:​
  1 person   30 EUR 
  2 persons    30 EUR 
  3 persons    40 EUR 
  4 person   50 EUR​ 

- There is no hidden costs - the price you pay for holiday rental includes all bills.

- In high season, New Year and Christmas holidays ( 22.12.- 08.01.), prices of  Belgrade short term rentals are     increased. 


CHEAP APARTMENTS in our offer are two BELGRADE STUDIO APARTMENTS from 30 EUR/night for two people (meaning 15 EUR/person), both in Belgrade City Centre

1) Self catering apartmet - Republic Square             2) Self catering apartment - Center

    Cheap Belgrade apartments - Studio REPUBLIC SQUARE                          Cheap Belgrade apartments - Studio CENTER

You simply can't beat the price and location of these studio apartments :)
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